Meet & Greet with CEO and President of TPG Real Estate Trust Finance - Greta Guggenheim

By Mia Capozzoli

A few weeks ago, RHS held a Meet & Greet with Swarthmore alum, Greta Guggenheim.  She is the current CEO and President of TPG Real Estate. Previously she graduated Swarthmore with a degree in Economics and Spanish before attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  From the moment she began talking to us about her career and her experiences, I knew that Greta was what I should strive to be like in the future. She is hardworking and true to herself and what she believes in.  Being from Louisville, Kentucky, I appreciated her rural Kentucky roots that she carried with her not only to Swarthmore, but also to her career.  Greta discussed various struggles she had to overcome, each handled with intelligence and dignity.  One of the aspects of her talk that I connected with the most was her ability to speak freely and not fear people opposing her.  I am thankful that I got this opportunity and by learning more about Greta, it has opened my eyes to what we are all capable of with determination, courage and confidence to support our convictions.

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