Program Model

College Chapter Programs                                                   

Spring Semester


Redefine Her Street Finance Fellows Program (Open to Freshmen & Sophomores) 

This program focuses on women interested in the recruiting process for finance. To be part of the finance fellows program, there is an application process. Applications open in the spring and continue in the fall. Students chosen for this program will receive resume, cover letter, and interview prep. They will be paired with multiple mentors who are in the field of the students' interests. 

Redefine Her Street Consulting Careers Initiative 

*NEW* to Redefine Her Street, this program helps students understand the different types of consulting (i.e. management, economic, etc.). More information regarding this program will be coming soon. 

Annual Economics & Finance Forum 

The annual forum is a conference-style panel with alumni of the respective college chapter invited back to campus to speak about what is happening in the current state of affairs in the business world. This forum serves as a platform for current students and alumni to network and create relationships. 

Business Conferences 

College chapters are encouraged to attend at least one business conference hosted by another institution. 

Fall Semester


Peer 2 Peer Mentorship Program  

Students can opt in to be part of this program that connects upperclassmen to underclassmen for an entire year, in which the upperclassmen helps the underclassmen explore career opportunities in business. 

Year Round  


Bi-monthly Chapter Meetings 

Every College Chapter leadership team is expected to lead a chapter meeting with all members at least once every two weeks. 

Women 2 Women

Women 2 Women ("W2W") events focus on the community aspect of this organization. Aside from strictly business-related events, these W2W events create opportunities for members to connect with each other. 

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet events encourage alumni to visit alma mater and share experiences in his or her respective industry with their respective college chapter (e.g. Visit this blog post for details on successful Meet & Greet event at Swarthmore College). 

Firm Visitations

*NEW* to Redefine Her Street, this program invites students to visit different companies to learn about the firms and the process in which students from Redefine Her Street can apply to join the firm for internships and full-time opportunities.  More information regarding this program will be coming soon. 

If you're interested in starting a Redefine Her Street (RHS) Chapter on your campus, visit the contact page to submit a request for more information.