what does Redefine her street mean to you?

“Redefine Her Street gives me a community of strong, driven women who not only set an example for what I can be, but also lend me so much help every step of the way as I explore how to connect my academic interests to professional interests.” -Jessica Yang ‘21

“Redefine Her Street is the sole organization on Swarthmore's campus focused on providing learning and professional development opportunities for women interested in business, finance, and consulting. As a woman at a liberal arts college, our access to professional resources are limited, but Redefine Her Street addresses this gap by providing community, education, and mentorship. It is an incredibly unique environment and my career progression would not have been possible without the help of my fellow Redefine Her Street women!” -Seimi Park ’20

“Redefine Her Street is a launchpad for opportunities. Our mission is to create a community for liberal arts women built upon strong, passionate women. We learn from each other in a collaborative, welcoming environment that breeds success.” -Betsy Cohen ’20

Redefine Her Street is needed because it greatly expands the opportunities for career exploration and development. Through Redefine Her Street, I not only discovered my interest in financial markets, but also met a supportive community who helped me so much with my professional journey. I hope that Redefine Her Street will continue to expand and welcome more members keen to learn about what's beyond the academic environment.” - Lijia Liu ’20

“Redefine Her Street amplifies the voices and aspirations of a diverse group of women in the liberal arts, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. I owe my biggest career turning point to the women in this group.” -Mariam Bahmane ‘19