Redefine Her Street ("RHS") is an organization focused on creating a women's business community at elite liberal arts institutions. We are dedicated to empowering women interested in business careers, including finance and consulting, by supporting them during their undergraduate and postgraduate years.

Our mission is to nurture “leading ladies from the liberal arts.” We aim to create and curate a community that encourages women to explore career opportunities together and to support each other through their professional journey. Their journey with Redefine Her Street begins during their undergraduate years and continues on throughout the course of their lives.

Our tactical goal is to have undergraduate chapters nationwide and professional chapters in major cities. We envision an entire ecosystem, made up of both students and professionals from these institutions, along with individuals who are interested in expanding our mission. We differentiate ourselves from other organizations by tailoring our programs to fit the undergraduate experiences of women at elite liberal arts colleges, which have vastly different population sizes and education models, and to our professionals by curating postgraduate communities and providing meaningful opportunities and experiences related to their careers.