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Why We Need Redefine her street


The idea to form Redefine Her Street originated from my personal experiences in the financial services recruiting process as an undergraduate student. Having little to no prior knowledge of how the recruiting process worked, it was an extremely obscure and lonely experience, clearly disadvantaged to students that were not attending “target” schools. However painful this process was, one thing was for sure — success was not impossible.

I ended up successfully recruiting and started my career as an Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. However, I fiercely believed and to this day, still believe that my arduous experience should be the exception and not the rule.

Along with the disadvantage, I also noticed that there was a critical need for both gender and institutional diversity in the financial services. More importantly, there was this need in every occupation and in every industry. Redefine Her Street was created to combat problems related to the gender gap and increase innovation through diversity of thought.

Ultimately, Redefine Her Street hopes to change the frontier of the financial services, management consulting, and businesses by encouraging and expanding the number of leading ladies from the liberal arts. 

Please join me in our mission because we need you to be part of our narrative.

Christine Y. KIm

Christine Y. KIm

Big thanks to the Swarthmore Bulletin who helped bring the narrative alive. To see the story on Redefine Her Street, click here