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Why We Need Redefine her street


The idea to form Redefine Her Street originated from my personal experiences in the finance recruiting process, specifically for investment banking. Right before my junior fall, I decided to jump into finance as a possible career choice after realizing that my previous plan to pursue a Ph.D in Political Science was not the right decision for me. Having little to no prior knowledge of how the recruiting process worked, I put the puzzle pieces together, and luckily, managed to find my place in finance with the help of liberal arts alumni and Korea Finance Society. 

Despite the difficulties associated with the finance recruiting process, I fiercely believe that if there is a will, there is a way. Yet, from my experiences, I noticed that there was a critical need for more gender diversity and institutional diversity. Coming from a small liberal arts college, I was always surrounded by diversity of thought and welcomed the difference in backgrounds and opinions. However, it was difficult to crack the recruiting process in finance because employers demarcated core schools and other students from non-core schools would lose out in the process. Given this system, my goal was to create an organization that would give similar opportunities to women who came from different backgrounds that decided to attend true liberal arts institutions. I founded the non-profit, Redefine Her Street to create a pipeline for women from the liberal arts to these employers in finance. 

What started out as an organization with an interest in finance, Redefine Her Street decided to expand its mission to help women figure out other difficult recruiting processes, namely consulting and corporate work. We believe that by having more women from diverse backgrounds in these three industries, we hope to close the gender gap and increase innovation from diversity of thought. The end goal is to create an incredibly strong community of liberal arts women to serve as a network and ultimately, as a family, in addition to continuously changing the frontier of finance, consulting, and corporations by having women leaders from the liberal arts. 

Big thanks to the Swarthmore Bulletin who helped bring the narrative alive in the Spring Issue! To see the story on Redefine Her Street, click here

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