Michael May Meet & Greet: Insights into Consulting from a Successful Swarthmore Alumni



By Elle Chen

On March 25th 2017, Swarthmore alum, Michael May, spoke at a Meet & Greet event hosted by Redefine Her Street. Michael May, who graduated with a B.A. in Economics in 2011, currently works as a consultant at a “Big Three” consulting firm. His previous experience included working as a Bank Examiner within the Financial Institution Supervision Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The event was well-attended by many students from freshman to juniors interested in pursuing a career in consulting.

Discussing his background and growing up with a mother who was a feminist economist, May emphasized the importance of a female presence in consulting and his support for the mission of Redefine Her Street: to create a community and network that encourages women to explore career opportunities in business and share resources with one another and to equip undergraduate women with enough training to succeed during the recruiting process. During the event, May described the life-cycle of an engagement, discussing how a consulting engagement generally progresses and the activities performed by associates in each phase. May broke down the different roles within a team and a typical day-to-day schedule for each of these roles. May then went into detail regarding the work-life balance of consultant and the differences with that of career in finance. Throughout, the event, there was an open dialogue and discussion among the students and May. Questions asked included possible career paths for consultants, work-life balance, and culture, among other questions regarding the work of consultants.

After, May presented a high level overview of consulting firms and the interviewing process. May discussed the typical breakdown of the hiring process: resume submission, first round interviews, and then final round interviews. Further, May gave excellent insights towards the importance of reaching out to alumni from Swarthmore as well as casting a wide net during the job recruitment process. After the event, the members adjourned to the catering and a session where the members had the opportunity to engage and network with Michael May.

There was consensus among the members that the event was incredibly enriching and informative about a career in consulting. Redefine Her Street is incredibly grateful for Michael May’s attendance and encouraged by his willingness to support other Swatties!

1st Annual Economic & Finance Forum: Markets in an Uncertain World

By Christine Y. Kim

The Swarthmore College chapter of Redefine Her Street co-hosted a forum with another group, Clarus Capital, LLC for the first time, inviting Swarthmore College alums back to campus to speak about their perspectives about the market, field, and industry. This idea turned event was planned in a mere month and a half, but the committee for the forum pulled through.

Redefine Her Street - Swarthmore is excited to host this event every year, hoping to expand this event, not only to the institution itself, but also to neighboring universities and colleges. 

Morgan Stanley: You're Invited

By Kimberly Rosa

I was working on a problem set when my phone buzzed, letting me know I had a new email. Thinking it was just another message from the many groups on campus, I casually ignored it waiting until I was done with my assignment before opening it. 

“Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in Morgan Stanley’s Sales & Trading Enrichment Program (STEP).” 

Morgan Stanley? I couldn’t believe it. I forgot I had even applied to the program. I had to reread the message several times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Within 15 minutes, I had RSVP’ed and submitted an updated version of my resume. I was heading to New York next Friday!


Morgan Stanley’s STEP was a great event in that it gave me an overview of what to expect during the recruiting process. We started our morning by covering the different industries available within the bank and how they work with one another to ensure the success of the firm. We then participated in an activity that gave us insight into the uncertainty of the markets and how to respond accordingly. After our lunch break, we worked on developing a business pitch to present to the group and concluded the program with a networking reception.

Walking out of the Morgan Stanley office that evening, I felt exhausted, but very satisfied with all that I had learned within a day. While my liberal arts background did make me feel unprepared at times – most students at the conference were business majors – it also made me stand out since I was knowledgeable in topics the other students had never even thought about studying. That being said, the conference served as a friendly reminder of all the work and effort that I need to continue if I hope to gain a summer internship with a firm like Morgan Stanley. 

With the help of Redefine Her Street and the confident women who have gone through the process before me, I feel confident taking on the challenge.

(Photo taken from Telegraph) 

(Photo taken from Telegraph)